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A look at the SAP TM Freight Order Fiori app for SAP EM

There is a Fiori app provided for viewing SAP TM (SAP Business Suite) Freight Order status. Naturally it’s called “Freight Order Visibility for Transportation Manager (EM)”. It’s a new SAP Fiori view built to view the related SAP EM data.

Prerequisites are:

  • SAP FIORI FOR SAP EM 1.0 – SPS 07/2016 is an Add On to
    • SAP GATEWAY 2.0 – SPS 10 (03/2015) or
    • SAP NETWEAVER 7.4 – SPS 04 (09/2013)


You can view the installation instructions on the Fiori Apps Library.

Supply Chain Traceability

How does SAP Event Management enhance SAP Transportation Management functionality?

SAP Event Management (EM) within SAP Transportation Management (TM) monitors the execution of the transportation processes as it occurs against the transportation plan. For example in SAP TM we have the following objects that we would like to track:

  • Freight and Forwarding Orders
  • Freight Booking
  • Freight Units
  • Instructions
  • Equipment

These relevant objects or transactions are compiled in to a comprehensive transportation plan by the transportation planner. The planner tenders the freight to carriers and manages the end-to-end tendering process; they assign the relevant freight units and equipment to orders; they manage freight bookings all to ensure that the products reach the correct destination in the allotted time at the least cost with the most efficient utilization of the available resources… The perfect transport order… Continue reading “How does SAP Event Management enhance SAP Transportation Management functionality?”