SAP TechEd 2017 Vegas is here

On September 26th the folks that make SAP what it is today assemble down in Las Vegas for several days of Learning and Collaboration. SAP TechEd, imho, is the best SAP conference available out there. At least, for me, who likes to work in the guts of this beast, it is. The best in the business come to share there knowledge on the latest and greatest that SAP is in to. Sure there will be those that disappoint but for the most part the sessions will be well worthwhile. After 4 days we’ll be sick of HCP, HANA, IOT, Leonardo and Blockchain… or will we? As a consultant who is looking for the next big thing, use this opportunity to explore and see what you can relate to and then go out and get Great at it… At ERPGenie we focus on doing Great things with Great people. If you are at SAP TechEd and are looking to Get Great then look me up @erpgenie.

What goes on in Vegas is immutable, so make the most of it” Blockchain Wilson


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